Extreme Sport Event on Popularity Place Marketing

Perhelatan Olahraga Ekstrim pada Tempat Pemasaran yang Terkenal

  • Muhammad Taufik Universitas Bumigora
  • Bagas Anggara Universitas Bumigora, Kota Mataram, Indonesia
  • Muharis Muharis Universitas Bumigora, Kota Mataram, Indonesia
  • Teguh Iman Pribadi Universitas Bumigora, Kota Mataram, Indonesia
Keywords: Event Marketing, Extreme Sport, Place Marketing


The objective of the study is to find out what aspects of the place need to be considered in running the extreme sports events on the popularity of place marketing in West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.  The study applies both quantitative and qualitative methods in analyzing data. Furthermore, this study is a survey study. The subjects of this study are extreme sports spectators in West Nusa Tenggara. In collecting data, the researcher used a questionnaire. In the questionnaire, the researcher gave some questions related to components of running extreme sports events in popular places marketing to the spectator. The study found that 71.23% of the fans of extreme sports in West Nusa Tenggara strongly prefer to watch the competition in a more comfortable space. Another important aspect that needs to be considered is watching the competition in a good parking vehicle in which 63.70% of the spectators strongly would like a good parking vehicle. In addition, an attractive venue surrounded by nature and good infrastructure is a critical aspect of running extreme sports events. As the fans responded 59.59% strongly liked to watch the competition in an attractive place and better infrastructure.

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Taufik, M., Anggara, B., Muharis, M. and Pribadi, T. (2024) “Extreme Sport Event on Popularity Place Marketing”, Jurnal Ilmiah Hospitality, 13(1), pp. 99-104. doi: 10.47492/jih.v13i1.3204.