• Adrianus P. Wangge Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Sheryl M. Lena Bengu Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Leonardus A. Klau Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Alfonso W. Resi Reo Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Haru A. P. Oembu Rey Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Anselmus A. Atasoge Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Maria S. Uakleo Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Valerianus Korsin Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Elisa N. Seran Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Antonia H. Ola Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Erina S. Loasana Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Marianus Banase Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Yeremias Sesnae Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Yohanes Adonis Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Bernadinus Meo Roga Widya Mandira Catholic University
  • Aplonia Nelci Ke Lomi Widya Mandira Catholic University
Keywords: Tourism, Oa’ana Cave, Kuanheun


Higher Education students through students’ community service actively participate in the development of a village through mentoring, empowering, and raising community awareness of the area's potential.  Kuanheun Village located in West Kupang District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Kuanheun Community is a village with natural potential for tourism development. However, there are still tourist attractions that are isolated and unknown to visitors, for instance, the Oa'ana Cave (small water cave). Students from Widya Mandira Catholic University in Community Empowerment Program worked hard to build Kuanheun's tourist village:  tourist site, replanting surrounding tourist sites, designing Oa’ana Cave (small water cave) tourist attractions, and optimizing the use of social media as an information and promotion medium. Thus, numerous KKN work initiatives can assist promote Kuanheun Village's tourism potential.


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P. Wangge, A., M. Lena Bengu, S., A. Klau, L., W. Resi Reo, A., A. P. Oembu Rey, H., A. Atasoge, A., S. Uakleo, M., Korsin, V., N. Seran, E., H. Ola, A., S. Loasana, E., Banase, M., Sesnae, Y., Adonis, Y., Meo Roga, B., & Nelci Ke Lomi, A. (2022). OA’ANA CAVE OPTIMIZATION AS A NEW AND POTENTIAL LOCAL TOURISM DESTINATION AS PART OF COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT IN KUANHEUN VILLAGE - WEST KUPANG, NTT. E-Amal: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, 2(2), 1207-1212. Retrieved from https://stp-mataram.e-journal.id/Amal/article/view/1553